catchup on TAST

I’m sorry, that was a long time without posts. The last two weeks were exeptionally busy, 3 presentations to do in the first week, one more in the next. I also had a nasty cold, so I didn’t get much done.

Well, here are my feeble doodles for linked double chain and reversed buttonhole bar, number 40 and 39 in the tast challenge.

reversed buttonhole band 1

reversed buttonhole band 2

The two green linear rows are self-explanatory. The weel in the first picture was made with the closed side of the buttonhole stitch worked along a little circle inside the big one, and two rows of buttonhole stitches worked over them, the outer one in a much thicker thread. For the circle in the second picture, a buttonhole weel was worked, and the additional buttonhole stitches were added in a spiral from the outside to the center of the circle.

chain stitch variant

This was just some doodling on a leftover scrap of fabric, following the fabric patern. The fabric is very stretchy, that made me reluctant to use it for a real project.


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