Things that caught my attention last week

The internet is full of wonders, and I would like to share my latest discoveries with you. As a little eye candy, I include a little rice stitch sampler at the end. I have posted this before, so I won’t make a fuss over it now.

My aunt sent me the link to Jo Wood’s website . Jo Wood does bead embroidery on handmade fabric. They are realistic flowers and landscapes for the most part, and absolutely beautiful.

While just surfing arround, I found a few new addititons to my Blog roll, I want to highlight three not very well known, but really nice ones.

Textiledreamer is a blog about tradititonal needlework for the most part. It has cross stitch, traditional quilts, weaving and other embroidery. All is so well done that it is an inspiration even when you do different things. And It has a very good tutorial for needlemade lace. That alone is worth a visit if you like to try out new things. Unfortunately it isn’t updated that often, but this kind of work takes time, after all.

The second one is the blog of Beate Knappe , a German textile artist. Her main focus seems to be the embellisher machine, together with other felting, hand embroidery and some mixed media experiments. Again, her stuff is so beautiful that it is an inspiration for me although my own work is somewhat different.

Parkview 616 by Jowynn is a blog about hand embroidery. Her work is very nice, and she shares her creative processes and inspirations freely. Also, don’t miss Jowynn’s flickr account where she has many more samples of her work, including many for tast. Jowynn does great work for tast either.


Now here’s the rice stitch sample, only the lower part is actually rice stitch. I used 8 strands of embroidery floss for the big cross and three strands for the cover stitches.

old rice stitch sample


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