tast 35 – shisha stitch

This week’s tast was shisha stitch .

Well, this one really defeated me. Each day this week, I looked at Sharon’s blog post and wondered what the hell those double threads mean. Consequently, I couldn’t do the stitch. Today I tried again, and a big lightbulb went on in my head. There are no double threads. All this is about a MIRROR, so of course I’ll see the mirror image of some threads on a photo!
After that realization, the stitch was a breeze to do. I love it and will use it again. So here’s my feeble tryout piece. the green forms below the mirror are shisha stitch too. The darker one is done directly on the fabric, for the lime green one I did two rows of alternating running stitches to suspend the shisha stitches from. Other than the first, this works really well.

Have you realized how the top stitches of shisha stitch are buttonhole stitches with a back stitch between them?

shisha stitch

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