tast29 – arrowhead stitch

This week’s take a stitch tuesday challenge is arrowhead stitch . This was one of the stitches we were taught in elementary school, and of course I haven’t forgotten it since then. But somehow, I was kind of lazy this week. I really admire all the people who put the same effort into this challenge week afer week after week for more than half a year now. So I’m showing some pictures from an old tryout cloth where I played with arrowhead stitches.

In the first sample,arowhead stitch was used as drawn thread work stitch. On the outside, it was donefrom the back, this makes it look like Herringbone stitch done from the wrong side and allows it to tie the tread bundles in the same manner.
To form the middle line of the drawn thread band, two threads in the very middle were removed, two were left on each side. Then, arrowhead stitches were worked arround the tread bundles. Arrowhead stitches can be used the same way to replace regular drawn thread hem stitch, and tend to be less time consuming.

drawn thread work using arrowhead stitch

In this piece, I really tried to get creative. The violet parts are closely stacked arrowhead stitches, but you could probably get the same effect easier with satin stitch. The openwork parts are unrelated ot arrowhead stitch. The big yellow forms are weirdly stacked detached arrowhead stitches that were then tied at the sides like you do with curtains. I tried to show how they are done in the following schema. Same numbers mark the needle in / needle out holes belonging to one row of arrowhead stitch. I hope this is clear enough, if not ask for instructions.

arrowhead variation

stitching schema for arrowhead variation


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