tast 27 bullion stitch

This weeks tast challenge was bullion stitch . Of course I have tried this before, but never successfully.This stitch looks so great in books and on the inet when done by people who know what they do, but I certainly don’t. Also, I’m still busy with the long and short stitch. Anyway, I did try. Here is a little flower in bullion knot.

bullion stitch flower


2 responses to “tast 27 bullion stitch

  • jude

    beautiful, is this silk thread?


  • tenar72

    Thank you, jude! No silk thread there, the french knots in the middle are crochet yarn, because anything thinner would make the french knots slip through the coarse jute fabric. The rest is pearl cotton in different sizes. In order to let pearl cotton look that shiny, it is important to look at the threads and make sure you stitch with the direction of the fibers, not against it, and when you do bullion knots or french knots always wind the thread round the needle with the twist of the thread, not against it. Of course, having a good scanner helps either 😉


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