needlefelting on knitted background

I saw this fuzzy polyester /poliamide mix wool for a greatly reduced price, and decided felting on knitted background might be fun thing to try. The orange stuff is plastic organza, the turquoise and mustard coloured stripes are wool rovings. It turned out surprisingly well. It will probably be the background for some tast stitch. After that experience, I went back to the shop to buy enough wool for a pullover, only in blue-white. I’m hoping to do some felting on the pullover too, but I’m still experimenting with creating a washable piece like this. I got so exited that I knitted the whole back of the pullover in one day, and that put quite a strain on my hands. I’ll have to go easy about it for a few days, which might even be a good thing because then I’ll get some stitching for tast done.

needlefelting on knitted background

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