tast11 up-and-down buttonhole stitch

I knew I would forget something. If you want to see tast 12-14 just scroll down.

Um. Ok, so this is my tastsampler for week 11, up-and-down buttonhole stitch .

During the time I started it I was struggling with a difficult decision (luckiely the whole thing sort of took care of itself by now). I tried to express my feelings a bit in this piece, so it turned out as another intentional attempt at uglieness. I’m not sure if I like it. But it did give me a lot of practice with this stitch. It is not entirely finished, but not very far from it.

The stitch itself was new to me but not unheard-of. I like many of the effects I got with it, but I also found it tendious to do and not that different from easier buttonhole variants. So while I’ll sure add it to my repertoire I’m probably not going to use it too often. I added in some chain stitch for things i couldn’ easiely achieve with this stitch.

up-and-down buttonhole sampler


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