tast12 couching stitch

This is the couching sampler for tast .

Couching in all forms is an old favourite of mine, most of my samplers have couching in it. So I decided I can go wild with this one. I did some spring cleanup in the week I started this, and used many of the bits and pieces that surfaced in the process. The organza piece is a failed and abandoned stab at a buttonhole sampler. Part of the crochet yarn is simply couched, the other is sewn under the organza. The background fabric is a piece of cheap cotton I used to practiced drawn thread work (the little holey area in the upper left corner). The rest is just random kipple. The knitting wool was arranged somewhat randomly and then sewn over with many straight stitches.

This is so not done, there are even pins visible holding the organza in place. I had a stressful month, and that was bad for chatch up. But I decided to at least learn every new stitch and plan something to do with it, so that i won’t feel completely out of the loop. Now I post what i have for the sake of the community experience, although it’s somewhat embarrassing.

beginnings of a couching sampler



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