TAST10 Barred chain stitch

New week, new sampler for tast. This time it was barred chain stitch, including alternating barred chain stitch.

I still felt uninspired. Also, this stitch was completely new to me, in German embroidery books even twisted chain stitch, which forms one part of this stitch, is done slightly differently. So because I couldn’t seem to think up enough variations for a regular sampler I decided to do something figurative. There was this lunar eclipse, that seemed like a good topic.

The reddish knitting yarn that forms the moon was felted down in a spiral with some beige wool roving, the rest is all barred chain stitch. Most of it is done in that thin wool yarn that you use to strengthen the heels and tips when knitting socks. That is the closest thing to wool embroidery yarn I’m able to obtain locally, and I like to work with it very much. I don’t think I’m entirely done with this one, but it already looks OK and shows you can get away with any odd stitch on such pictures.



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